Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Tea Buns

Yesterday cg and i went for re-bfa..
Waited super long because A)the seniors want us to be there super early
B)the officers are not punctual   C) the recruit is just damn slow
anyways the cpr n choking was
the transport and recovery position is a lil tricky.
but the bandaging was ok..

After that..i walked to Sushi King to have lunch with
my mummy.
When reached home..i dunno whether i wanna bake
doughtnuts or green tea buns..
Miss Sugar like doughnuts but that day i gt ask her
whether she want me to make or nt but i think she still
like HERO's doughnuts..

So i decided to bake green tea bun.
i firstly adapted the recipe frm a blog, happyhomebaking
cuz it looked yummy but the author of the blog said
that this recipe does not keep up well..
so i searched another recipe frm a blog.honeybeesweet
and decided to use that.

I even use red bean paste for the filling..
after rising and shaping and filling..the buns
look like this..i dun want them to be so big so i made
them smaller compared to my previous buns.
So cute...

After baking for 15 mins..

I'm submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #8 - Bread Seduction ( June 2011)  hosted by Jasmine from The Sweetylicious

Adapted from Honey Bee Sweets' Green Tea Buns
looks like my old bun isn't it? but they look greenier..:)next time can add more green tea..

This is the bun i'm about to eat...Bon Apetite!!


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