Friday, December 2, 2011

Food Hunting~

Clear Fish Head Noodle
I found this place on my phone
which says they have a good Fish Head Noodle.
( i love it!) So, i asked my mum to bring me there
and i had to use my gps to find the place.LOL
I read reviews about this place and said that
their service is slow and they're nt friendly.

However, we were greeted warmly
and so far so good! the food arrived
very fast. I ordered the milk one & my mum
Milky Version!
ordered the clear one..My mum said the pudu
clear fish head noodle is tastier & mine was nt bad.
I enjoyed the fried fish the most because its so fresh
and they came straight from the fryer!

My mum's fish is the non-fried one &it's really fresh too!
Thumbs up for the really good fish!
I would come again for the fish.
Their Kedondong is really really good too!
(Miss Sugar was really jealous! haha)

2 days ago, went to JJ and ate
at KFC..ordered the snack plate instead
of the zinger..( i stole my mum''s bun and dipped
it with the letover cheese sauce frm Miss Sugar's
wedges) haha...

I even drew a pic of my buddy sleeping!
He looks so cute but i think he's lonely
because i did not spend enough time with him..
He kinda ''throw tantrum'' by not eating his
favourite threat ..( he NEVER not EAT. he basically eats
anything , even cotton, paper, newspaper ..etc.. wecall him 'Mini Bandaraya') hehe..


Best Naan Ever!

My mum, Miss Sugar and I
ALWAYS go to this mamak called Nurin.
They have almost everything form Nasi Kandar
to Western to various fried food etc. fried rice, fried mee
BUT the main reason i go there is to eat their
irresitable, undeniably BEST Naan EVER!!
No other mamak can make this good.
Others are too burn, dry..etc..

To top it off, i always order Cheese Naan.
C'mon.What can go wrong with cheese?
Like i say, ''No Cheese, No Love'' :)
They even have Banana Naan which is not
that common among other mamak..
It's equally good! Miss Sugar & I usually
order extra cheese & we consider this as

Banana Naan!
Though it is can be eaten on its own.
We still like to dip it with curry fish/chicken
and dhall (lentil).

The following day..
Miss Sugar wanted to go Viva to eat pasta at Garden Cafe
and to eat HOT&ROLL.
She ordered carbonara pasta, i order a seafood
pasta and mummy ordered a salmon pasta..
Mine was ok but my mum's pasta is nicer!
(no fair!) time i'll eat hers!

Hot&Roll is our MUST eat snack!
(Its like a crispy crepe & similar to Kuih Kapit but thicker)
''No Hot&Roll, No Love'' HAHA!
I usually eat their crunchy peanut which is

peanut butter with chocolate chips and peanut.
Miss Sugar like their Chocolate Banana which gets soggy
due to the fudge.. Its filled with sliced banana and chocolate fudge!


Miss Sugar's Pasta ( the mushroom is so stong!)

Mum's yummy pasta
My Pasta

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Genting Here We Come! / Family Reunion Dinner

Well.. yesterday was my friend's, Nat
b'day.( I'm sure she's reading it now)
So, she planned this trip to genting months ago..
Actually it was her wish to celebrate her b'day
in genting with her pals.

Initially there's 6 ppl involved BUT
somehow it narrowed down into HALF!
Yes..3 ppl! she was devastated..I was disappointed
at the others.. There was excuses like "ghost" n stuff..
*sigh* She planned this for so long so i went along with it.

But i had a another prob.
U know First World Hotel is HUGE.
So, my parents gt really..really..worried
when they heard there's gonna be 3 of us only without
any adult supervision. They were ok with the 6 of us
earlier cuz we gt more ppl.

They were afraid we might be taken advantage of or..worse.haha
Inform my friend n she said her dad's going..
Was so embarrassed for dragging her dad to come along..
But her dad was cool with it.

Woke up 8 am n got ready..
went uncle n cousin n my mum
was eating breakfast..Ate nasi lemak which my
uncle bought n the ang ku kueh that he bought for me! (simply love this kueh!)
Then.. the 3rd person, Ben missed called me..

i glanced outside n saw him waiting. ( he's lives 2 streets away!
practically my neighbour)
He disturbed my dog because they loathed each other..haha
Nat picked us up n OFF WE GO!
After about an hour, we finally reached there,
We checked-in..

I was wonderstruck..It's been a really REALLY
LOOONG time since the last time i been here..
We then bought tickets n played outdoor.
It was cool at first then it got colder n colder..
I think nearly got frostbite or something!

We played some really thrilling ride.
The roller coaster n some ride that brings u up n comes dwn really fast!
I can feel the inertia. Rode the spinner n more.
Ate bento set at food court.. (kinda pricey but I was
a pescetarian) Played indoor n ate Pizza Hut 4 dinner
(Nat's dad treat)

At night.. many ppl text n called the b'day girl..
I was tired n slept fast. But was awaken by nat's
gummy bear ringtone.HAHA( ben hates the song though)
Woke up n ate Maggi Mee..
Washed up n waited for a long time fot the flying coaster
to open. the ride is Rm12 PER ride.
Bumper Boat

Was scared because earlier they checked n run
some test on the ride. I was worried about it!
when got onto the ride. They lock us but i dun feel
secure..then we were brought about 180 degrees.
Then the rest is history. i closed my eyes the whole time.
I know..i know.. i'm a chicken shit but for only this ride! haha

We went back about 4 ish n reached about 5.45.
I enjoyed my trip to genting with my pals;)
then went for a family dinner

The inertia ride!

Cheesy 7
Hot Touch Burger ( unhealthy i know)
An Indian Dance Performance JAI HO!
The entree..
Everything was SOOO GOOD!
Absolutely yummy!

sharkfin soup..(poor shark)
Steamed Patin
Salted Egg York Prawn! Delish!
Pork Knuckle
Steamed Herb Chicken
Stir-Fried Lotus Root, Celery, Peas & Pine Nuts YUM!
Red Bean Tong Sui! Drank 2 bowl!!HAHA!

Roti Canai 2.0

About a week ago, my mum
decided to make a small portion of
"Nikki's Fish Head Curry"
fish head curry because there's some
fish head in the freezer. Helped my mum after
playing badminton with my pals.

We add some vegetables too! YUM!
*Dinner time...*
"Eh! My curry not bad eh!", my mum said.
"Of course. Because u name it after me mummy dearest", i said
( my mum called it "Nikki's Curry"..haha.. but i just chopped the vege
n pour the
"We should save this curry for ROTI CANAI!", i said
"OKOK! We make later ok? Cigie help out too ah!", mum said
"Hah....?", Miss Sugar hesitated

The next hour, there we were..
kneading the dough..
( i think i sweat the most!haha.. high metabolism i guess)
my mum finished kneading way b4 i did..even my maid..
"C'mon Nikki!! Getting there!!YAH!!!(koreans usually say that)", i said to myself
Then we place the dough into a container filled with oil
to prevent it frm drying out..

All i can say is CHENG ah!! (delicious!)


ROTI CANAI soaked in oil
Made Black Eyed Bean Tong Sui

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Apple Bread Pudding/Christmas Excitement!

Saw a multigrain loaf left in the fridge..
(expensive loaf frm bread story!)
Been there for some time n decided
too finished it. If not, i'll be eating toast for the next
 few days!

Went through the bread pudding recipe
 n decided to give it a twist. Searched n found
apple bread pudding. Checked my fridge n
there's only one apple left. Wanted to use a
granny smith which gives a tart n sweet flavour
but i used the red delicious apple.

Grab some raisins, chopped some walnuts
n i cooked the chopped apples abit to soften it.
The recipe called for milk but i substitute it
with condensed milk because my mum can't drink
milk for a certain reason.

Assembled the (already dried ) bread n poured
the egg n milk mixture. Sprinkle some brown sugar
on the top to give a crisp crust.:)
Into the oven for 30 mins. I watched the pudding
expanding n getting bigger n bigger!

Test it with a chopstick n i wobbled it to make sure
its cooked. took it out n the bread pudding deflated.:(
Daddy came home with rojak n cendol!( extra sotong
and red bean! yay!)
Daddy ate 2 bread pudding! happy:)
I ate 1 too but would have tasted better with milk..

edited this!
i simply can't wait for christmas for an ultimate bake-off!

drew this while i was bored..doesn't look like Miss sugar right?
I'm an apple addict!

Edited this pic of me for X'mas! HAHA!

Monday, November 14, 2011

*BURP!* Garlic Breath much?

Egg Yolk Squid
Yesterday we went to Restaurant Shamelin
for dinner. Saw the article in the newspaper:)
On the way there.. it was creepy..we had to drive through the alley
and it was dark! there was no streetlights at all!

the convict!! can see all the garlic?

Mongolian Chicken..curry and buttermilk..

We finally found the place!
We ordered their specialities.:)
After we ate.. our breath smelt garlic! It was so strong that i could smell it myself. Miss Sugar even said,"Nikki, could u stop talking? I can smell ur garlic breath!" haha!
Even when i woke up this morning, i still have a hint of garlic breath. keke..

Why Are You So Addictive?

That very night, we finally get to go
to Midah Night market. SOOO HAPPY!!
Cause we bugged our dad last week but
our 'persuading' failed:(

You see.. Miss Sugar and I purposely
go to that night market because they have the
best KEDONDONG! It is so kaw!! ( no words to describe
this sour sensation!) Miss Sugar said that next time we'll order
straight 2 drinks each! HAHA!
My dad complaint it's sourness but he kept drinking ours!
(he secretly likes the drink. me think!)

Before that we ate Bak Kut Teh nearby..
second time i been there. :)
Kept drinking the soup~ hehe..
Later we walk around the night market.
Wanted mum to buy the Dou Sao Bao Bing
but it was a long queue and we usually order
alot..i mean ALOT.

Black Sesame Cake!
 So we bought cakes next door. They have the
Best Cheese Cake ( not the new york cheesecake type
but the sponge cake type but it's not dry yet its moist..
ergh! hard to explain!)
Marble Cake!

Coffee & Cheese!

The yummy Cheesecake! Moist eh?